Here is where written stuff will go. Warning you now, my writing skills are not great. There's probably a lot of overused tropes or cringe™ dialogue but eh, its mostly just for myself so idc. But feel free to look around if you want :v


Some writings may contain sensitive content.
Please review the content warnings (located on the right-hand sidebar) before reading.

I do not condone, endorse, or encourage any malicious/immoral/unhealthy/etc behavior that some writings may exhibit.


Here are some short stories centered around my OCs! *The asterisk at the end of the title indicates the story is unfinished.*


Here are some of the more notable dreams that I can remember vividly. May include art featuring my OC Yuxu, who I use as my dream-sona.

I will try to write the dreams as accurately as I can remember them, but I may add some details or dialogue that was not originally in the dream in order to have some events make more sense since a lot of my dreams don't usually make logical sense.

Character Logs

Here are in-character logs of various ocs, similar to as if they had their own social media or journal or something.


Here are miscellaneous writings that arent stories or logs. They may include term definitions (glossaries), guides, worldbuilding, etc.