Neat Stuff (Off-Site Links)

Cross Shinjuku Vision Livestream Livestream of the curved electronic billboard in Shinjuku that features a giant calico cat as its mascot. This billboard is somewhat famous due to its curved screen allowing some videos to have a 3D effect when viewing it from the proper angle. I like to put this on occasionally just as background noise :v
Pale Blue Dot
Red Vox
Here is one of my favorite songs :v

Red Vox is really good and underrated so I recommend listening to them. I've been really enjoying the most recent albums they've been putting out. My personal favorite is Realign but I really like Visions/Afterthoughts as well.
The Sound You Make
Red Vox
Heres another one. I need this song injected directly into my bloodstream RIGHT NOW please thanks. i really need to set up the red vox shrine bc i love so many of the songs i need to share them or else ill explode


StarfishJS (Web Ver)

This is a neat program I've come across, called Starfish. It is a free program that creates randomly generated tileable patterns using math, which can be used for your site :v

It was originally created to generate random computer wallpapers that would change occasionally and be infinitely different each time. I found out about it while taking a computer graphics class for college, the professor made us use it for some assignments and I though it was super cool that I kept it after I finished the class. I've never really seen it being talked about before or even after taking the class, so I thought I'd link it here to spread it around :v

The website where the download link was hosted is no longer available, so I've hosted the version that I use onto catbox as a direct download. I've linked some variations as well.
Penguin Livestream Livestream of penguin enclosure at KC Zoo RIP the KC Zoo penguin livestream :c