About Me

Hello, I am Nova :v

I go by they/she (they/them for strangers, she/her for friends) and I am over 21 years old. I don't do much other than occasionally draw and very rarely write about my ocs.

I mostly made this site because I was frustrated with how there are very little sites to reside in (especially for artists) while also not being able to have the complete freedom of customization or content that I wanted. Although this site isn't really ideal as a type of social media (that's probably for the better anyways imo, the thought of like two people poking around for a bit and then leaving amuses me), so far this site has been really fun to make and I feel like I've learned a lot about html and css, and I hope to further improve :v

Thank you for looking around my site :v


Colors: Purple, Light Teal, Gray, Lavender, White, Neon Green
Pokemon: Girafarig, Missingno, Noivern, Morgrem, Piplup (+evos), Toxel + Toxtricity, +more
Animals: Bunnies, frogs, giraffes, aliens(?), snakes
Flowers: Daffodil, Wisteria, Lily of the Valley


Why did you follow me?

I like to follow sites that I think look really nice/impressive/neat! It just means I think your site is cool and my eyeballs enjoy looking at it :v

Why can't I follow you/access your profile?

I have my neocities profile disabled, because I do not want followers. I know it doesn't really make sense, but I get paranoid at the thought of my actions constantly being watched/monitored. The viewcounter already makes me wary. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience, but it's better for my state of mind. Plus I mostly just make this site for myself anyways.

My Art History

I've been drawing ever since I was a kid, but only started doing it more seriously around middle school. I got my first drawing tablet around then (a Huion 420, yes that's the real name), and then eventually upgraded over the years (to a Wacom Intuos Draw [the old verson]) and now I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. I love this thing and I'll be so sad the day it finally gives out :c (it has a singular dead pixel on it and rarely freaks out if I move the cable), but so far it's been going strong since 2016.

Also, I use FireAlpaca to draw. Originally I used GIMP, but the UI was a bit too confusing for me and it chugged on the old family computer, so switching to FA made things so much better. I've been using it since 2015, and I don't plan to stop since I'm so used to the UI at this point. I highly recommend it since It's pretty decent for being free. The paid version has dark mode and a liquify tool, which im highly considering getting but it's like $40 so idk. I bought the $40 dark mode. It's exactly that. Worth.

My OC History

I made my first oc around middle school after a new friend told me about what ocs were and the freedom of being able to make up whatever characters I want, it was an art game-changer. It was an evil scientist version of me named Pepper (she was basically a GlaDOS clone) and her half-scorpion-girl test subject named Matilda. It was pretty cringeâ„¢ imo. But we don't talk about those guys anymore.

Eventually and many more ocs later I made Arick, who is pretty much my favorite oc. I love him sm, he's like my own son, and I've had him for so long. I'm not sure what I'd do without him existing, but he's pretty much the bridge between my old "era" (I guess) of ocs and my newer ones. Now I've got a bunch of ocs, and I don't really worry too much about specifics or anything, I'm just here vibing with them (and occasionally playing around with them like dolls in a dollhouse).

My Coding History

I'm not really sure what first got me into coding honestly. When I was way way younger, I would make these obviously fake "viruses" on the old family computer that were just windows popup boxes with funny words written in notepad and following youtube tutorials. Thinking about it now im very lucky I didn't accidentally mess something up while doing that lol. But I had always sort of been interested ever since.

Later on in my first couple of years of high school I took some classes on game development, where I learned mostly Unreal Engine node programming. Then During my last year of high school, I learned quite a bit of Python, what I consider my first "real" programming language. That was my first mistake lol, Python is well known to be "too easy" in a sense, so it made learning other languages afterwards a bit harder for me. Also during this time I was really into math, so it makes sense why I'd be interested in programming as well. Later on that same year I learned a tiny bit of C++, but we mostly stuck with Python. I played around with that outside of school as well, which I had fun with. I then graduated high school, and no longer really had the availablilty to learn any other programming languages as easily.

After high school, I did a LOT of coding in google sheets of all things, I was on a HUGE spreadsheet kick. I love making spreadsheets so much, I make a ton of spreadsheets for things such as games I play or simple text formatters for other websites. I make a lot of spreadsheets for Flight Rising especially. I guess you could also say I learned a bit of BBCode from there, but it's very limited so idk if it counts. I learned everything myself with the help of just looking up something that I wanted to do as well as peeking around other people's Flight Rising sheets. There are some people on there that are really good at making spreadsheets all for a browser pet sim game, it's pretty impressive.

And now that leads us to the present, where I'm currently learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This site has really helped me learn these languages as well as stay somehwat motivated to actually try things out. I am by no means a professional, but I'm still having a lot of fun with it and I think that's what matters most. Maybe I'll learn a lot more as I continue to play around, only time will tell.

What does your username mean?

NightmareNova is just a combination of my favorite movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, plus my name Nova. :v