Angels Glossary

  • Dreamwalking

    Dreamwalking can be described as being alive but not awake. It can feel like being on autopilot, where one lives life normally, but does not feel any emotion towards anything, simply existing. (This can be similar to dissociation).

    When Cassiel begins dreamwalking, they don't notice at first, but after a while they can become annoyed by it. Their dreamwalking period usually ends with their mind flooding with thoughts about everything all at once, as if their mind is "catching up" on all the missed thoughts. This waking (or "snapping out of it") may be caused by an outside interaction, such as Uriel, or may be caused by Cass themself, since they have a habit of intentionally causing this reaction in order to wake themself up and "feel" again (to the displeasure of Uriel, who does not believe this practice is healthy). After this, Cass's emotions return to normal (or as normal as they can be) for a short period of time before the Dreamwalking begins again.

  • Existential Tethers

    Tethers are the three concepts that describe the experience, existence, and connections between Cassiel's physical form (Vessel), thoughts (Mind), and soul or heart (Spirit). These are represented with three different symbols, and the symbols can be connected to create links. Only one tether or link can be experienced at a time. Usually only two tethers are connected in a link, and it is extremely rare for all three tethers to be connected. Links do not connect to other links.

    Symbols in primary colors (Red/Blue/Yellow) are the main three tethers. Symbols in secondary colors (Purple/Orange/Green) are links of two connected tethers. The central magenta symbol is a link of all three tethers connected.

    • Spirit (♡)

      This is the tether of the soul or heart. This is where Cassiel's emotions and feelings are stored. They are genuine and well-intentioned. Often uses the pronoun "I".

    • Mind (~)

      This is the tether of the thoughts, anything that takes place inside Cassiel's head. The thoughts are usually negative and malicious towards themself or rarely towards others, but never Uriel. Often uses the pronoun "you".

    • Vessel (+) (Tether)

      This is the tether of Cass's body or physical form. It is usually neutral, but may reflect another tether if linked. The physical form houses the constant conflicts and connections between tethers and usually reflects the outcomes, but may also end up concealing them. Cass usually does not want their tethers to be reflected. Experiencing only the vessel tether is common during dreamwalking. Often uses the pronoun "we".

    Spirit (♡) + Mind (~) Thought (♡~)
    Mind (~) + Vessel (+) Action (~+)
    Spirit (♡) + Vessel (+) Impulse (♡+)
    Spirit (♡) + Mind (~) + Vessel (+) ??? (♡~+)

  • Split-Second Dream Reality (SSDR)

    Split-Second Dream Reality, shortened to SSDR, describes the experience of awakening from a vivid and/or long dream, and believing one is still in the dream for just a moment, before slowly remembering the realities of the life they are actually in. This can cause differing emotions depending on the one who experiences it, although currently, it is only documented to happen to Cassiel.

    When Cassiel experiences SSDR, they become extremely invested in the dream they are having, since, being in the dream themselves, this dream-self believes their dream-reality is real. In the instant moment of awakening, they do not remember anything else except the dream they were just having, and after that split second, the memories of their actual reality trickle in one by one. Cassiel then begins to feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and distressed. They yearn to return to just a moment ago where they lived a completely new life, were a completely different person, and resided in a completely different reality. Cassiel wishes to stay in this alternate dream reality, since they believe that any other life, body, or plane of existence would be better than the one they currently reside in.

  • Vehement Form

    The Vehement form describes the changes in appearance of the vessel when an emotion is heightened. The specific changes can vary depending on the angel and their rank, but it usually involves revealing pupils, more sets of eyes, as well as other previously hidden features.

    For Cassiel, their vehement form reveals: Two more eyes for a total of four (three across their face and one on their chest), thin pupils, and a partially formed mouth.

    For Uriel, their vehement form reveals: Their main two eyes are more opened than their default closed state, six more eyes for a total of eight (five across their face and three on their chest), thin pupils, and a partially formed mouth.

    This appearance change comes and goes subconsciously and cannot be willingly controlled, similar to a human blush. An angel's vehement form can reveal itself when any emotion is heightened, no matter what emotion it is. For example; extreme sadness, rage, happiness, fear, love, paranoia, hysteria, etc. can all cause vessel to reveal it's vehement form.

  • Vessel (Current Physical Form / Current "Life")

    This is an angel's physical form, but may also be used to describe the current life that an angel is on. When an angel loses their vessel, it is viewed similarly to dying, and losing a vessel can be caused either by physical lethality or by severe emotional or mental damage. It is very difficult for angels to permanently die, so they are reincarnated with a scar somewhere on their body depending on the way they lost their vessel. The more scars that one has/vessels that one has lost, the more an angel is looked down upon. When reincarnated, they lose all ties and most memories from their previous vessel. Cassiel has two scars across their heart due to losing two previous vessels. Uriel does not have any scars related to losing a vessel.