• Name: Uriel
  • Pronouns: They/He
  • Age: ?? (Adult)
  • Birthday: May 30
  • Species: Angel


Uriel is a lot more intimidating than Cassiel, and its unknown whether or not this intentional. Not much is known about Uriel, and they intend to keep it this way. This leads Cassiel to overthink and assume about Uriel's thoughts and feelings, which Uriel hates. Although Uriel doesn't intend to hurt Cassiel emotionally or physically, it happens too often. Uriel cares deeply about Cassiel, but won't hesitate to get angry at them. Uriel doesn't seem to show as much emotion as Cassiel does, but still loves Cass no matter what happens.



  • ???


Uriel has a large halo that can be depicted normally, or with rays, resembling a sun. They also have long ears that are similar to a rabbit. Since Uriel is of higher stature than Cassiel, they have two sets of wings instead of one. They have a set of long feathery soft wings on their back and a set of smaller feathered wings surrounding their head. Their eyes are closed most of the time, if not closed then open in very small slits. They have taller horns than Cassiel, and is taller than them in general. They have two scars on their right hand: on the thumb and middle finger. (These scars are not vessel-loss related.) The end of their tail has more of a feathery fluff. They do not have a mouth (unless in their alternate form).

They do not normally wear clothing, but may have a small star or sun charm hanging from their halo. They may also wear gold band accessories at the base of their horns.

In their alternate form, their eyes are opened wider than normal, and gain thin white pupils. They reveal a total of 8 eyes: five across their face and three on their chest. They also reveal a mouth, but it is not fully opened, with sections remaining that connect the top and bottom of the mouth.


  • If it wasn't obvious, Uriel is in a romantic relationship with Cassiel.
  • Cass calls them "Uri" exclusively, and refuses to say their full name for unknown reasons.
  • Unlike Cass, Uriel can speak. Cassiel speaks to Uriel through telepathy or using hand motions.
  • On their first vessel. Has never lost a vessel before.
  • The angels speak and write in their own language.


  • Originally meant to have no face, now they mostly keep their eyes closed.
  • Uriel has a sun/stars motif, signifying light and or superiority, yet still relies on it's opposite - the moon (Cassiel).
  • Created on May 30, 2018