• Name: Cassiel
  • Pronouns: They/He
  • Age: ?? (Adult)
  • Birthday: June 22
  • Species: Angel


(Bio is a WIP)

Cassiel would die for Uriel. They have built up this idealization of Uriel, seeing them as being the perfect being in all ways who can do no wrong whatsoever, a god. If Uriel does do something "wrong", Cass believes it's their own fault (since they believe its impossible for Uriel to do wrong) and proceeds to continuously blame it on themself in order to preserve this idealization. Their worst fear is Uriel leaving them, whether it be intentional or accidental.

Cass cares deeply about Uriel, perhaps too much so, to a point where they will do anything to make sure Uriel continues to love them for as long as possible and never leave. They are very emotional, a lot more emotional than Uriel is, but sometimes they can fall into these periods of dreamlike emotionlessness (they call it Dreamwalking).


  • Uriel
  • Attention from Uriel


  • Upsetting Uriel
  • Being alone from Uriel


Cassiel has a halo that can be depicted normally, with thorns, or in a crescent shape. They have shorter horns than Uriel, and long ears similar to a rabbit. They have small wings on their back and no wings on their head (unlike Uriel, who has two sets of wings due to being higher in stature). Their eyes are darkened and hollow, and their tail ends at a point. They have an X shaped scar across their heart, to represent the past two vessels that they have lost. They do not have a mouth (unless in their alternate form)

They do not normally wear clothing, but they may wear bandages on their arms, as well as a small moon charm hanging from their halo.

In their alternate form, they gain thin white pupils. They reveal a total of 4 eyes, three across their face and one on their chest. They also reveal a mouth, but it is not fully opened, with sections remaining that connect the top and bottom of the mouth.


  • If it wasn't obvious, Cassiel is in a romantic relationship with Uriel.
  • They call Uriel "Uri" exclusively and refuses to say their full name for unknown reasons.
  • Cassiel is mute, but can still speak to Uriel either through telepathy or using hand motions.
  • On their third vessel. Lost 2 vessels before due to past experiences, but tries to maintain their current vessel as to not lose Uriel.
  • When thinking or speaking, they may sometimes refer to themself as "we" or "us" in a plural sense rather than singular. This may be due to them experiencing a link, and they are likely referring to two or more of the three Existential Tethers that make up Cassiel.
  • The angels speak and write in their own language.


  • Cassiel has a moon motif, signifying darkness and or inferiority, yet still relies on it's opposite - the sun/stars (Uriel).
  • The crescent shaped moon halo is similar to the Pokemon Shedinja's halo.
  • Created on June 22, 2018.