• Name: Prince Zehavit
  • Pronouns: He/They/It
  • Age: Thousands of years
  • Birthday: August 27
  • Species: Shapeshifter

a prince bf i saw in a dream once. (wip)




Very tall, dark black fur with gold sparkles all over. Has a half-skull for a face and antlers, with fluffy wolf-like ears. He has deer-like legs with hoofs. He has gold accents all over, gold claws, and gold teeth.

He is a shapeshifter, so he is able to freely change any aspect of his body or his entire body at will. This anthropomorphic form is the one he is able to to keep passively. (Passive Form)


Son of King Midas.


  • Fur is full of tiny stars, which looks similar to glitter.
  • His passive form is about 8ft tall.
  • While not necessarily dating Zehavit, they do frequently sleep together. They may be considered very close friends with benefits (borderline dating).


  • Originally in my dream, he was named Arthur. I changed his name to Levi for a while before changing it again to Zehavit.
  • Somewhat created from an old oc named Xavier (before Stella's twin brother was created) who was a black/gold/white themed sphinx based off a Flight Rising dragon. I thought the designs/aesthetics were too similar so I just ended up scrapping the old oc and merging him with this new one.
  • Created on August 27, 2020