• Name: Yuxu
  • Pronouns: They/She
  • Age: ?? (Adult)
  • Birthday: April 22
  • Species: Dream Demon

Lives in a world of dreams. Anything is possible, everything is real and fake all at once.

Basically just a sona for drawing out some of my dreams.


  • Coherent Dreams
  • Scenic Dreams


  • Nightmares


She has gray skin, and two horns that point up and slightly outward. Her horns have pastel purple, yellow, and mint colored stripes at the tips. The mint tip of her left horn (our right) is broken off. She has one large eye covering most of her face. Her pupil is a pastel yellow slit, and her eye has 5 eyelashes on the top and bottom (10 total). She las long pointed ears that droop slightly, with pastel purple accents inside. She has pastel mint colored hair that is slightly longer than her shoulders, and sideswept bangs. She does not have a mouth or nose.

She has an oversized purple coat, with yellow and mint pockets, yellow trim, and mint patches on the elbows. She wears a black scarf that partially covers the bottom of her face, along with a black cross-body bag that features yellow buckles and mint buttons on the strap. She wears a yellow shirt, black pants with purple knee patches, and mint boots.

By default, she has the gray/purple/yellow/mint/black color scheme, but her colors may change depending on the dream she is currently in.


  • Name is pronounced "YOO-shoo". Pronunciation is stolen from inspired by Luxu from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Yuxu translates to "sleep" or "dream".


  • The huge oversized coat look was inspired by FL4K from Borderlands 3.
  • Originally created as an idea for a potential DnD character design, and wore a poncho instead of a coat, but I was never super interested in the idea of DnD and thus never played nor used the design for it.
  • Created on April 22, 2019