• Name: Xavier Maraschino
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: November 28
  • Species: Incubus Bunny

(Bio is a WIP)

He thinks hes cool but hes actually a bit shy. He gets easily flustered, but he still tries his best. He's way more introverted than his extrovert sister, so he tends to be a bit quiet and keeps to himself.

He is twins with Stella, and is often teased by her because he is younger by a few minutes. He hates being called her "baby brother", but he's used to it from her at this point.

They are both interested in fashion, and tend to give each other tips or dress in matching outfits together.


  • Fashion
  • Being called pet names


  • Himself blushing when embarrassed


His fur is gray with areas spots on his ears, fingers, toes, and heart shaped marks on his face. His hair is brown, and reaches to about his neck, with side swept bangs in front of his face (which sometimes covers his eye). His eyes are red, and he has red curved horns, with the right horn taller than the left horn (opposite to his sister's horns).

He likes to wear black and white clothing, with a more androgynous/feminine style of clothing. He also loves thigh high socks, and earrings.


  • He is the younger twin brother of Stella.
  • He is bisexual
  • There’s some speculation on his and his sister's heart shaped birthmarks; Are they real or fake? Nobody truly knows but themselves.
  • Xavier and Stella are nicknamed the "Cherry/Bun/Maraschino Twins", or simply "Cherries".


  • Stole the siblings' last name after seeing a jar of Maraschino Cherries in the fridge.
  • They are the first ocs that I've given a last name to.
  • Also stole his hairstyle design from an old oc named Alex that I no longer use.
  • Created on May 11, 2021.