• Name: Tofu
  • Pronouns: He/They
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: August 18
  • Species: Bunny

Sort of a splatoon sona and oc in one. He doesn't talk much and is a little mysterious. Somehow nobody knows that he's a rabbit, and he doesn't really notice that everyone else is different than him.


  • Flingza Roller
  • Salmon Run


  • Snipers
  • Salmon Run


Tofu has gray fur with dark gray spots all over. He has the same "mask" around his eyes similar to an inkling. He has semi-permanent ink splatters on his ears, on a tuft of hair at the top of his head, ink coloring on his eyebrows, and in his eyes. This ink can change color, also similarly to an inkling.

99% of the time he is wearing his black beanie (which may also sometimes have ink splatters on it) and will wear some of the clothing that is popular. Some of his favorite brands are: Toni Kensa, Firefin, Forge, Annaki, and Zekko.


Somehow he comes from an alternate universe where the Splatoon developers stuck with the characters being rabbits instead of squids. He was just plopped into this universe and doesn't know how he got here, but he seems to be ok with it since everything is pretty much the same.


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  • Originally during the development of Splatoon, the devs thought about making the characters rabbits, but the idea was changed later to inklings. That's where the idea came from to just make a Splatoon oc that's a rabbit, and because I thought it would be funny.
  • His name, Tofu, is also a reference to the Splatoon development process, where at one point they used rectangles as character placeholders and referred to them as "tofu blocks".
  • Somewhat based on the old Xbox 360 icon of the bubblegum boy
  • Created on August 18, 2022