• Name: Syd Elroy
  • Pronouns: They/Them/Any
  • Age: ?? (Adult)
  • Birthday: April 30
  • Species: Alien

Is always annoyed. Won't hesitate to physically hurt you if you annoy them. Very passive aggressive. Rarely speaks unless it's an insult or threat.

(Kinda another vent sona.)


  • Collecting knives


  • Being spoken to
  • Literally anyone and everyone


Syd has gray skin with double pointed ears and two short horns that extend up and out. They have dark gray in their ears, dark gray horns, and two dark gray scars on their face and a scar through their eyebrow. They are missing the top point of their left ear and a couple missing scratched pieces from the right ear. They have red eyes with black eyelids and severe eyebags because they want everyone to know how tired of people they are. They have pointy teeth and messy red hair that gradients to black/dark red at the bottom.

(clothes style goes here)


  • The scars are from fights they have previously been in.


  • Named after the character Syd from the old PC game Elroy's Costume Closet. This is because her voice is the voice I imagined they'd have while making the design.
  • Created on April 30, 2018