• Name: Stella Maraschino
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: November 28
  • Species: Succubus Bunny

(Bio is a WIP)

Although she may seem a little intimidating, she can be really sweet. Maybe even a little too sweet, as she tends to flirt with almost anyone, or at least anyone she finds interesting (which seems to be a lot). She could also be considered the “mom friend” of the group.

She is twins with Xavier, and since she is the older twin she likes to tease him by calling him her "baby brother" often (despite being only minutes apart). Even though she pokes fun at him, she wouldn't hesitate to protect or support him when he needs it, since she knows he's a bit introverted.

They are both interested in fashion, and tend to give each other tips or dress in matching outfits together.


  • Fashion


  • Spring
  • Anyone else referring to Xavier as her "baby brother".


Her fur is gray with black spots on her ears, fingers, toes, and heart shaped marks on her face. Her long brown hair reaches down to her feet, which is very fluffy and thick, as well as hard to brush. Her eyes are red, and she has red curved horns, with the left horn taller than the right horn. (Opposite to her brother's horns)

She loves to wear black and white clothing, usually wearing a white button up with a tie or bow, with black shorts or pants and stockings. She may sometimes wear snake bite piercings on her lips and more piercings on her ears.


  • She is the older twin sister of Xavier.
  • She is bisexual
  • There’s some speculation on her and her brother's heart shaped birthmarks; Are they real or fake? Nobody truly knows but themselves.
  • Xavier and Stella are nicknamed the "Cherry/Bun/Maraschino Twins", or simply "Cherries".


  • I subconsciously based her design off Tiffany from animal crossing, and only realized it 3 years after making her.
  • Stole the siblings' last name after seeing a jar of Maraschino Cherries in the fridge.
  • They are the first ocs that I've given a last name to.
  • Created on November 28, 2017.