• Name: Starbelle
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: March 28
  • Species: Jacob Sheep

May look all sweet and innocent but is just in it for the lewds. Horni (literally) gremlin.

A little shy an easily flustered but is secretly a bit mischievous. Loves to tease Zehavit.




Overall she has white fur and a small white tuft on the top of her head. On her sides and back, there are sections of black fur scattered with pale green stars. She has large black fluff all around her neck, wrists, and ankles, which are also covered with green stars. She has two sets of horns, one pair that sticks upwards and slightly outward, while the other pair are curled around the sides of her head and over her lop ears. Each horn has two black stripes and two green stripes. She has cloven fingers and toes, which are also pale green, along with green accents inside her ears, green eyes, and round black eyebrows.

She usually does not wear clothing, but can if desired. Her green accents (stripes, stars, etc.) glow in the dark. She is sometimes drawn with traditional goat eyes (horizontal pupil) or with star shaped pupils.


  • While not necessarily dating Zehavit, they do frequently sleep together. They may be considered very close friends with benefits (borderline dating).


  • Originally designed as a sona named Aries after my zodiac sign, and a pastel purple/pink/yellow color palette in mind.
  • After the glow in the dark color palette was added, her name was originally Nightlight. It was later changed to Starbelle.
  • Created on March 28, 2019