• Name: Nova
  • Pronouns: She/They
  • Age: 21+
  • Birthday: April 14
  • Species: Demon Bunny

This ones just my sona, my internet personality in character form/the way I represent myself online. Mostly use her as a mascot character since I'm not super personally connected to her. I use her for all of my pfps.


  • Space
  • Purple
  • Sweets
  • Rhythm Games


  • Bugs
  • Summer
  • Girly Clothes
  • Spicy Food


Nova has gray fur with black spots, and a rabbit nose and a pointy mouth. She has long black rabbit ears and tall horns with two white stripes and three black stripes (The tips of the horns are black). She has pastel purple hair with sweeping bangs. She also has teal accents on the insides of her ears, inside of her mouth, as well as teal eyes.

Some parts of her design can change to whatever I feel like giving her, such as different shaped horns or a different color scheme. She's mostly just whatever I vibe with.

She can wear pretty much anything, but her main outfit is a black and white varsity sweater or a t-shirt. She also wears chain earrings with a star at the end and a small black floating crown.


  • She could be considered a very surface level representation of me, so she has my general interests/likes and dislikes. But theres not much of her own personality here.


  • Originally she was supposed to be an oni or something, but I ended up making her into a weird demon bunny.
  • Created July 11, 2020