Mr. Ugly


  • Name: Mr. Ugly
  • Pronouns: It/He
  • Age: ??
  • Birthday: Feb 29
  • Species: Plush?

Some dumb little character I made way back in like 2014-15 (maybe even earlier)

Thinking of bringing him back as a secret easter egg to find in some arts idk

Just a little guy, not much known about him


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He's a plushie made out of recycled black fabric, with a noticeable seam his left side. His body is very lumpy and lopsided. He has two white button eyes, one larger than the other, and small red fabric pieces for his nose and mouth. He has green thready hair (think webkinz fur texture) and wears a red piece of yarn tied into a bow to differentiate his head from his body.


  • He is full of uncooked beans, which is why he is so lumpy.


  • Based off an IRL plush I made myself way back in the day. He is made out of a recycled shirt sleeve, which is why there is a seam on one side of him.
  • His name has always been Mr. Ugly ever since creating him IRL.
  • I started using him as an oc many years later around 2014-15