• Name: Luna, Spinel
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: ?? (Adult)
  • Birthday: July 16
  • Species: Gem (Spinel)

Very chill, usually sleepy. A little lazy, but only due to always being tired.

No matter how much sleep she gets she can never seem to get enough. Still she manages to be relatively calm and slightly mischievous.


  • Sleeping
  • Moon/Stars/Space
  • Magic Tricks


  • Combat


Her skin is white, with a bright purple iris, tongue, hair, eyebrows, and gem. Her heart-shaped gem is located where her right (our left) eye would be. Her hair is styled into low pigtails and sideswept bangs, and it has a slight gradient starting with dark purple at the top and bright purple for the rest. She has pointy black mascara-like markings at the bottom of her eye and gem. She has dark purple circles on her cheeks, and a dark purple oval shaped nose. She has dark purple eyelids that are always half down, as she is always sleepy.

She often wears a three-pointed jester hat. This hat has a white brim, dark purple base, and medium purple spots all over. At the end of the hat points, there are alternating stripes, two bright purple and two dark purple, and white hearts, stars, or circles at the ends. She wears very a very baggy one-piece, consisting of various purple patterns all over. (WIP)


Created in a kindergarten on the moon, and lived there for a while until deciding to check out earth after the events of SUF.


  • Her summoned weapon is throwing cards. She often uses them to do magic tricks.
  • She wears the eyepatch to occasionally cover her gem, but mostly because she thinks it looks cool.