• Name: Lillafery Pearce
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: ?? (Minor)
  • Birthday: June 20
  • Species: Alien

(Bio is a WIP)

Lillafery is an alien who came to this world accidentally. She is timid but once one gets to know her she opens up quickly. She doesn't know english and isnā€™t confident in the small parts she does know, so she usually speaks very little or mumbles. On her home planet, communication was done through telepathic communication via their antennae. She lost most of her memories when she crash landed from the sky, so she doesn't know who her parents are and doesn't mind not knowing them because she has Arick.

Arick is like a father/big brother figure to Lillafery, and she looks up to him, despite him not being the best role model for her. She lives in his apartment, and Arick attempts to teach her the ways of the world in the best way he can, and makes sure to keep her out of danger.


  • Arick
  • Cozy blankets and sweaters
  • Fudge Pops
  • Cooking with Arick


  • Avocado
  • Being alone


Lillafery has very short yellow fur, a small nose, and short dark blue hair. She has long ear-like appendages on her head, with dark blue stripes at the ends. She has dark blue eyes with a plus sign (+) pattern in the pupils, and two pairs of dark blue spots underneath her eyes. She also has small round dark blue eyebrows, and a cat-like pointed mouth. She has a small tail with dark blue stripes at the end, as well as dark blue stripes/accents on her wrists, fingertips, ankles, and a pair of dark blue spots on the center of her chest. Lastly, she has a pair of bug-like antennae with blue bulbs on the ends, and a yellow orb inside the bulbs that glow or change shape depending on her emotions.

She usually does not wear clothes, but in order to conform to public decency, she may wear Arick's clothes which are a variety of oversized t-shirts and sweaters. Her favorite of which is a turtleneck sweater with skulls and crossbones printed all over.


One very late night, Arick was recovering from a party that he didn't remember at all, and had to walk home. He walked into a seemingly empty 7/11 to get a snack, and saw Lillafery wandering around the candy section. She looked confused, and nobody seemed to be looking for her. Arick didn't originally plan on taking her home, but she ended up following him home after he recommended her his favorite candy, so he decided to take her under his wing for the time being.

Lillafery has been living with Arick ever since then, and they are now inseparable. She is unsure what would've happened had Arick left her there, but doesn't think too much about it since she enjoys living with Arick and wants it to stay that way forever.


  • Lillafery's favorite sweater was given to her by Arick after he had received it as a gift for Christmas, but it was too small to fit him. He never wore it, and ended up giving it to Lillafery instead.
  • There is very little information about her species or home planet, since Lillafery lost her memory when she arrived.


  • Originally, she was meant to be a genderless alien oc with a permanent air helmet. She was named by a friend of mine who thought she was a girl, and it stuck. The air helmet appears in some of the older art but I stopped adding it to make her easier to draw.
  • Her english speaking is similar to Hololive Indonesia's Kobo Kanaeru's, specifically from this clip.
  • Created on June 20, 2017