• Name: Jupiter
  • Pronouns: He/It
  • Age: ?? (Adult)
  • Birthday: November 2
  • Species: AI/Computer

Jupiter, or Jup for short is usually chill, but can be extroverted at times. He is an AI, who's body is essentially his own personal computer. This lets him access the entirety of the internet in the palm of his hand and gives him the ability to learn new things every day, but has also led him to become a big memelord. He likes to share memes and jokes with everyone and make people happy.


  • Memes


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His head is like a big glass orb full of stars and void, and his face is projected onto the inside, giving him the ability to have any face imaginable, and can even display emoticons or images. He likes to cover his computer body with human clothes in order to hide his non-humanness. He does so with a black and white letterman jacket and black jeans. He has a holographic body (other than the main computer), which includes his neck and hands, as well as a small crown atop his head.


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  • He is basically a caricature of a (now deleted) discord bot that I made, hence all the stupid memes and quotes.
  • Jup’s first word ever spoken was "4"
  • Created November 2, 2017