• Name: Eris Roth
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: July 17
  • Species: Demon

(Bio is a WIP)

An absolute gremlin. Steals your pepsi and insults you. She's that kid that ate all the glue and crayons in kindergarten. Extremely reckless and careless. Swears a lot for no reason, and wouldn't hesitate to swear in front of a child. Named after the goddess of chaos and discord, as well as the god of destruction.

Rivals with Arick, except she's mostly the one initiating all the arguments just for the fun of it.


  • Getting into arguments with Arick.


  • Pink/Frilly clothes


She has tan human-like skin that fades to a darker brown on her horns, ears, and legs. She has 2 straight horns, pointed ears, and a thin pointed tail. Her straight medium-length hair is split into half black and half white down the middle (black on the right, white on the left). Her straight bangs cover her eyes which are a bright yellow, although she never shows them off. Her teeth are sharp and her tongue is black. She has long digitigrade (deer-like) legs, and her feet are hoofs.

She usually wears a black tank top and white shorts (with no shoes because of her hoofs). She also wears many piercings on her ears, most notably her black and white gauges (opposite to the colors of her hair). She wears a variety of chokers and necklaces. She wears clothes that are usually revealing, and doesn't really like clothes that are too constricting or warm.


  • Her hair grows naturally all white, but she dyes half of it black.
  • It's rare for anyone to see her eyes underneath her bangs, and she makes sure anyone who does regrets it. (Although, anyone who is very close to her, such as a significant other, may be able to see them.)
  • Her guilty pleasure is Kpop, but leans more into the rap side of it. She tries to make sure nobody knows about it though.


  • Her last name is derived from the Dragon Quest Builders 2 character Malroth, also known as the God of Destruction.
  • Created July 17, 2019