• Name: Arick Lee Pearce
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: December 21
  • Species: Demon

(Bio is a work in progress and I'm terrible at writing so please bear with me)

Arick is slightly rebellious, and tends to not think before doing. He goes out late and causes mischief just to see what he can get away with. Enjoys partying and drinking too much.

Although he may seem like a rule-breaking delinquent, he can actually be sweet, especially when it comes to Lillafery. He treats her as practically his child, and would to anything to protect her, and might even be a little overprotective (he has a history of easily getting into fights). Though ever since he met Lillafery, he has seemed to become less intimidating and rebellious.

Arick and Eris could be considered rivals, since they are similar in personality they end up arguing or fighting. Eris enjoys purposefully making him annoyed and messing with him.



  • Eris
  • People touching his hair


He has light gray skin and pointed ears, with fluffy dark blue hair that is shaven on one side. He also has one blue eye that is usually giving off a sly or mischievous look, and a pointed mouth with sharp teeth as well as a long pointed blue tongue. He has two sharp blue horns that curve up and out to the sides. He has a thin tail with a point at the end.

He usually wears any casual t-shirt, with his signature shirt featuring one of those fake tuxedo patterns. He also wears a variety of sweaters/jackets, usually something casual and cozy. He has ear gauges, and sometimes wears additional piercings on his ears and horns as well.


  • He used to wear barbed wire around his horns, but stopped when he realized he could pierce (or drill i guess) his horns.
  • His hair is very precious to him, he always makes sure its brushed and clean. Its basically like a second child.
  • He used to keep his hair shorter, but he eventually decided to grow it out for fun. He hates when people dig up pictures of his short hair.
  • He used to smoke, but stopped after meeting Lillafery so he wouldn't hurt her indirectly or give her any of his bad influence.
  • He also tries (and fails) to refrain from swearing in front of Lillafery, out of fear of her repeating him (It's happened once before).


  • He was very heavily inspired by the song Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time by P!ATD. (And just P!ATD in general.)
  • He's definitely my favorite oc and one of the ones I've had and kept around for the longest.
  • Originally he didn't have ears. Somewhere along the line he just acquired ears, mostly because the shaven part of his hair looked weird without them.
  • He also used to have a ringed eye, but gave that up because it was easier to draw it without em.
  • I stole his name spelling from a tv show I was watching with subtitles on because I noticed the name was spelled weirdly. His middle name is stolen from my favorite character (Axel/Lea) from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Created on December 21, 2015.

Alternate Universes (AUs)

Ghost Page

The relationship between Arick and Capri has slowly gone downhill, and there seems to be no end to this nightmare. Arick has decided to end things on his own terms, with her blood on his hands. But he must keep up her online presence, where he is able to puppet her as if all is well...
(Halloween AU)
(Inspired by this Red Vox song.)