Art Zone

Here you'll find my art! I mostly just draw my ocs, but there might be some fanart in there as well. But 99% of the time it's of one of my ocs.
I have way too much to list it all in one page, so it's separated by year.

If you're curious on what I use to draw, I use FireAlpaca and a Wacom Cintiq 13HD! Everything is done in FA, and I highly recommend it! :v

Please do not use my art for anything whatsoever, thank you!
All of it is heavily watermarked*, Glazed, and intentionally a small resolution because I get super paranoid about art theft (it's happened before). I tried to make it not super intrusive to the point where you cant see the art though. Only personal friends get to see the full res and unwatermarked stuff.


Some images may be censored for content warnings such as gore, flashing lights/colors or shaking, suggestive/nsfw, or other sensitive content.

Censored images are labelled accordingly. They can be hovered overtapped to see the uncensored image.

Digital Art

Traditional Art

Other Art